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The day is finally here! Over the last year and a half, we’ve bled and poured our lives into this 38 minutes of music, and so it is with great enthusiasm that we get to share with you our brand new album, burn the ships. Which, we might add is now available worldwide, along with the title track music video!
And now that this day has arrived, we wanted to share the more personal half of the story behind the name burn the ships
The song was conceived in a moment when my wife Courtney was battling fear, shame, and addiction. While pregnant with our son Phoenix, she was taking an anti-nausea drug and became addicted to it. We went on this pilgrimage of figuring out how to overcome this - she went to outpatient therapy, but for the next year was still taking Benadryl and Tylenol PM.  I came home one day and found her crying. She said, “I’m flushing all the pills. I want to be fully present for my life, not numb anymore. I’m not going back. It’s a new day.” From that moment on she has no longer been bound by the shame and guilt from her past. Her story, paired with the one I read of the Spanish explorer ordering his men to “BURN THE SHIPS” is what inspired the message behind this album.  So let this be your battle cry.. an invitation to leave the past behind, burn your ships, and step into a new day…
Join us this month in theaters across the U.S. and experience us play 8 of the 10 new songs live for the very first time + get a copy of the album with your ticket when you purchase online.. just click the link below!